-The Cooking Colonel of Madras by David Smith
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Old English food for the 21st century

meat pies & puddings   Meat pies have a long tradition in English cooking. In Tudor England they were travellers' food. In Victorian times they were a favourite street food. Today, pies are just as popular as ever.

piggy stuff   There is a long history in English cooking of making food products using pork. Here's our run-down of Old English piggy stuff that is still made and enjoyed today.

curry   Curries as "Old English" food? Yes, indeed. Curries have commonly been made in English households since the 19th century. They may be Indian in origin but longevity has made them naturalised English too.

Old English desserts   English sweet puddings once sustained a nation. And what names they had! There's Spotted Dick, Plum Duff, Roly-Poly, Cabinet Pudding, Sussex Pond Pudding and many many others. But... they're hardly ever made any more. So what Old English desserts are still popular?

acquired tastes   Some traditional English foodstuffs are very much an acquired taste. This is our round-up of those tastes which take a bit of getting used to.

surely that's English?   There are a number of foodstuffs that the English warmly think of as being typically their own but which, on closer inspection, originate somewhere else entirely.

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