-The Cooking Colonel of Madras by David Smith
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classic English meals

the full English breakfast      What could be more traditional than a Full English Breakfast? Bacon, eggs, sausages and fried bread with a variety of accompaniments. And after such a light meal (!) some toast and marmalade to finish off.

the Sunday roast   Ah the Sunday Roast! Whether it's roast beef, lamb, pork or chicken what you're sure to find is that it is served with "all the trimmings".

the fish & chips supper   Our very own street food.

the cream tea   It's a hot summer's day. Now picture a half-timbered café in the middle of the English countryside serving cream teas. Not many scenes conjure up a little bit of old England better than this.

the ploughman's lunch   This is the joker in the pack. "Ploughman's Lunch" is a term popularised by the trade organisation English Cheese and the Milk Marketing Board in 1960 as part of an advertising campaign to boost the amount of cheese being sold in pub lunches.

the Berni Inn meal   The most popular meal sold in a national chain of pub-restaurants, Berni Inns, during the 1970s was Prawn Cocktail as a starter, Steak and Chips for the main meal and Black Forest Gateau for dessert. It went horribly out of foodie fashion in the late 80s and disappeared just like the Berni Inns themselves. Or did it?

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